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Say Goodbye to...

always second-guessing if your child is progressing well in preschool 

and to the mom-guilt of feeling that you're not planning enough activities or playing enough with your child.

Now, you have a way of

  •  subtly checking to make sure your child is hitting his/her learning milestones 
  • broadening and deepening your child's knowledge in various relevant topics 
  • knowing exactly which academic or lifeskill you need to reinforce for your child
  • spending meaningful time connecting, teaching and playing with your child to build that positive relationship! 

Let us take care of the research, the prep and the nitty gritty stuff...

This is what you can expect in every EllieFun Box:

  • A mandarin book to kickstart the building of your Mandarin home library 
  • Phonics language activities - phonics cards and games to help you teach phonics systematically and effectively
  • Mandarin language activities - to introduce Mandarin to your child in an authentic manner
  • Numeracy activities - Focusing on concrete manipulation of objects, we help your child love the logic and simplicity of math!
  • Science / Art and Craft - Knowledge is made concrete through exciting science and/or art projects that both parent and child can do 

What You Get:

What Others Say About Us...

Matt loves his boxes! He's had 3 boxes already and he re-visits them again and again. I'm super glad I'm in on the subscription boxes! 

- Lyn

I am very amazed by how personalized and fun each activity box my son gets. The past 2 months, D actually chose to play the ducational activities in elliefunbox over watching Youtube on his tablet. 

- Hweisie

Received our EllieFun Box last week and it kept us entertained through Pet's HFMD episode. There were tonnes of manipulatives that sustained his interest!

- Kerui