Do you want to nurture a highly motivated child who goes all in into his/her areas of interest and brilliance? Of course! But we also want to the best of all worlds. We also want to nurture children who are kind, compassionate and emotionally healthy. Our lofty goals at EllieFun Tribe is to BOTH!

We achieve these 2 goals through training you how to parent and teach your children through Montessori-inspired strategies & Emotional Intelligence Coaching. 

EllieFun Tribe is for you if you: 

  • want to find out alternative ways of teaching your child apart from the painful process of rote-learning
  • are interested in how to coach your child to develop his/her emotional quotient
  • want to get rid of mom-guilt of always second-guessing if you are doing enough
  • are a busy mom and have no time to waste on things that don't work
  • want to build a strong parent-child relationship


It's not about doing more things, but doing MORE of the things that are important. 

In EllieFun Tribe, you'll learn the theories and principles in Montessori so that you have full knowledge in understanding the rationale and principles to tweak and adjust according to your child's learning needs. You will also get training on how to be a better, more attuned parent. You'll also get access to lesson ideas, templates and printables to make your preparation load lighter. 

Moms have the biggest mental load anyone can have. I’m not going to overwhelm you even more. 

This is what you will get in the EllieFun Tribe: 

  • Strategy and Coaching - - Parent-coach on developing your child's EQ
    - Learning direction
  • Bite-size Trainings - video trainings - Mini assignments 
  • Lesson Ideas and Printables - Monthly pdf of lesson ideas (Language, Mandarin, Math, Science, Art & Craft) - Printables  
  • Accountability and Support - Monthly coaching calls - Community  

Let's work together to be a more effective parent-coach for your child!

Before joining Tribe, I was unsure of whether I can balance life as a parent of two. Now, I'm more equipped to manage the kids and myself emotionally.

~ Kerui

Before Tribe, I felt very alone in my journey as a parent, and overwhelmed. After joining Tribe, I feel more confident and equipped to look after my child. I’ve learnt a lot! From the importance of routine, of love languages, of incorporating practical life skill lessons to my child.

~ Faith

If you participate fully in the programme and you are not satisfied with the results in 60 days, you can get 100% refund. I want you to feel GREAT and assured about your decision to work with me and that's why I have this guarantee in place. 

Q1: Will this work for me?

If you have babies and preschoolers (0-6)

and you want to go from FRAZZLED and OVERWHELMED to CONFIDENT and CLEAR about:

  • your family goals
  • child's developmental needs at different stages
  • what you need to do for him/her at each stage

No more parenting out of fear and insecurity, constantly worrying about whether you are doing enough, whether you are enough, whether your child will be able to grow up and have a good life. Let's say "It is enough" to that mom-guilt and start stepping into that blessed role you are meant for. We are meant to enjoy our kids; we can and should enjoy the journey of seeing them blossom at their own time.

Q2: What will I learn in Tribe?

In Tribe, there are 2 main components:

  • Parenting modules - these are the foundations that we must get right before we even do any teaching. Once we build a strong bond with our children, we understand our children and our roles, everything else will fly from here.
  • Teaching strategies in Montessori - these are the skills and content that we will teach you so that you can teach your children the essential preschool skills. The goal is to get them ready for primary school confident and eager to continue to learn!

Q3: How much work do I have to do? I'm a busy full-time working parent.

I'm not going to lie and say that if you buy the membership, you'll get magic that will change your life. There is some work to be done; some of the work is hard heart work!

Each lesson is about 15-20 minutes so that you have time to do the mini assignments or carry out the implementation.

Then come back into our Facebook group to share your experience - what worked or didn't work! We want to troubleshoot and celebrate with you!!

The lessons are self-paced. But I'd advise not to binge watch the videos but focus more on the implementation of each lesson.

Q4: I can do this on my own

Of course you can!! You are smart and resourceful women (and men) and I've given you plenty to run with in the IG Lives. And I'm not going to lie - you will be able to find all the information out there on the internet.

BUT I'm sure you know it's going to be a time-consuming and tedious process combing through and piecing together all the information such that it makes sense. You also don't want to get lost in the sand spending time and effort creating your own learning materials.

In Tribe, we give you content that’s structured and digestible. This is designed so that you get to the implementation part faster and get results sooner. If this is what you want, then let’s continue the journey together in EllieFun Tribe.

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