EllieFun Tribe is now closed. Reopening in January 2020 

If you want to grow as a parent and teacher for your child, you're in the right place! Tribe is a platform for coaching, accountability and progress to help you create a prepared environment for your child to thrive! 

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Are you ready to make 2020 different in the way you parent? Do you crave a more intentional, and connected approach to coaching and teaching your child? 

We at Tribe want to make this happen for you! 

Tribe is a unique training programme where you are given bite-sized trainings in order to help you move forward. We don't need more head knowledge but we need more help in applying this knowledge to make consistent progress

In Tribe, you will be amongst like-minded parents and this incredible community is ready to encourage you and cheer you on in your efforts! No more going at it alone and feeling no one understands why you parent a certain way. You've found your tribe!

We are not about doing more things, but doing the important things that will build the relationship with our children. We are not about stress and overwhelm and my role is to make the learning light, fun and do-able!

What will you get in EllieFun Tribe?

  • Strategy and Coaching You will gain clarity on yourself, your child and what your next steps should be. We are focused on making progress, no matter which stage of the journey.

  • Accountability and Support You'll get monthly coaching calls so you can get your questions answered. In between calls, you'll always be able to get answers in the Facebook Group so you are never left hanging. 

  • Bite-size Trainings You will be able to access 2 video trainings per month - 1 on parenting and 1 on Montessori teaching. These videos and follow-up assignments get you focused on what you need to do for the week to make progress. 

  • Lesson Ideas and Printables You'll get lesson ideas for babies to primary school that caters to the learning needs of all your kids as they progress through the years. Save time researching and hunting down that elusive printable because we've got it covered! 

Let's work together to create this AMAZING prepared environment for your child!

My lovely EllieFun Box subscribers, thank you for being with us right from the beginning. This Tribe programme is the online complement to the EllieFun boxes. Send us an email/DM for a subscribers' only special price! 

Hint hint: It's not too late to subscribe to the EllieFun Boxes and enjoy the special rates right away too!  

If you participate fully in the programme and you are not satisfied with the results in 60 days, you can get 100% refund. I want you to feel GREAT and assured about your decision to work with me and that's why I have this guarantee in place.